The Master Electrician has the responsibility for ensuring specified construction project deliverables are efficiently and safely achieved according to the Company and customer milestones within the approved budget and technical specifications.


  • Oversee the installation and monitor performance of Photovoltaic electrical and mechanical equipment installed by internal or external resources for the following; NEC compliance, OSHA, industry methods and best practices.
  • Have the knowledge and experience needed to provide installation services and continued Operations and Maintenance of electrical equipment up to and exceeding 1000 volts DC including Medium Voltage, Central, string, and microinverters, DC combiner boxes and panels, Rapid Shut Down equipment, disconnects, series and parallel module strings.
  • Have the knowledge and experience needed to provide installation services and continued Operations and Maintenance of electrical equipment up to and exceeding 480 volts AC including various switchgear, disconnects, relays, transformers, breakers, and lighting.
  • In-depth and extensive knowledge of the latest and previous NEC codes with specific experience on article 690 and have proven ability to calculate and understand voltage drop, breaker and conductor sizing, PV module stringing, equipment grounding and bonding.
  • Broad knowledge of solar manufacturer’s mechanical equipment and devices for various different installations including ground mounts, rooftops, carports, canopies, single and dual axis trackers.
  • Ability to repair, install, replace, and commission electrical PV circuits, AC/DC circuits, low voltage, Ethernet, and cellular data devices, various electrical and mechanical equipment, and appliances using industry-specific tools and testing instruments at Photovoltaic and other renewable energy sites.
  • Must be able to isolate faults in both AC and DC equipment and conductors.
  • Responsible for maintaining in-depth familiarity with complex project blueprints and plans; ability to work closely with designers, engineers, project managers, and clients to make changes and corrections necessary to site plans, foundations drawings, layouts, single and three-line electrical schematics, and wiring schedules.
  • Leads, guides, and/or trains other Electricians, Superintendents, Project Managers, and Engineers in applicable electrical procedures and techniques.
    Ensures proper care in the use and maintenance of equipment and supplies; promotes continuous improvement of workplace safety and environmental practices.
  • Seeks and maintains awareness of changes and training on latest construction technologies, best practices, and lessons learned relevant to the industry.
  • Familiar with OSHA policy and safety best practices including 29CFR 1926 and 1910 with a proven track record and ability to calculate, define, and implement arc flash ratings and suitable Personal Protective Equipment.
  • Assists Project Managers with project-related assignments including, but not limited to, project planning, tracking, and documentation from project proposal phase to project closeout.
  • Updates and tracks project schedules, processes RFI’s, CO’s, and submittal packages.
  • Proactive in ensuring that resources (personnel, materials, tools, vehicles, other equipment) are available when needed; work with the procurement team to purchase additional materials as needed.
  • Reports work progress, plans, issues, and problems to the Project Manager and department Director in accordance with Company policies and procedures.
  • Maintains respectful and professional working relationships with clients and develop professional relationship with potential clients.